Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar was a historic centre for Singapore's Chinese community. It is now a cosmopolitan area within walking distance of the CDB with a wide range of old and new shops. It is a good place for a lunch time meal with office workers, a post work hangout area for pubs and fine dining and a pleasant place to explore cafes and eclectic shops on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

Soup base comes in plain, black spicy and red spicy.
My favourite is black spicy. It gives a Szechuan peppery kick to the rich pork broth.

Black Spicy Ramen

You can choose the strength of your broth base, texture of noodles, amount of chicken fat (tastes good but can give you a heart attack).
There is also free complimentary stuff like boiled eggs (this is not the one that is runny inside), marinated bean sprouts and sesame seeds.

Complimentary sesame seeds and boiled eggs

The broth is excellent but pork slices are ordinary. But the key to any good ramen is the broth! Hearty, strong and favourful, it makes for an excellent meal.

There are always crowds outside, so get in eat and move on somewhere else for a chat. Otherwise, you may see plenty of unhappy people queuing outside and glaring at you through the glass.

Location: 1 Tras Link, #01-19 Orchid Hotel
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am- 3pm, 6pm-10:30pm
Prices: About $12- $17 per pax

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