Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar was a historic centre for Singapore's Chinese community. It is now a cosmopolitan area within walking distance of the CDB with a wide range of old and new shops. It is a good place for a lunch time meal with office workers, a post work hangout area for pubs and fine dining and a pleasant place to explore cafes and eclectic shops on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Friday, October 28, 2011


One of the bottle shops in the Tanjong Pagar Area.

The shop sells Beer, Spirits and Wine.

The Beer and Wine collection is pretty limited. Beers include your typical Tiger, Heineken and Corona. The Wine selection isn't very different from what you can find in a cold storage or NTUC e.g. Jacob Creek. It is a bit strange that they don't attempt to distinguish themselves from supermarket brands.

Among all alcoholic drinks in the shop, the liquor selection has the largest variety. There is an entire shelf of it. I'm not sure if the selection is reflective of the nature of alcohol consumption in Singapore.

The prices of the beers are pretty reasonable (especially in 24 pack as expected).

Location: 118 Tanjong Pagar Road

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