Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar was a historic centre for Singapore's Chinese community. It is now a cosmopolitan area within walking distance of the CDB with a wide range of old and new shops. It is a good place for a lunch time meal with office workers, a post work hangout area for pubs and fine dining and a pleasant place to explore cafes and eclectic shops on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lil Papa's Wieners - closed and moved

Sorry that I haven't done entries for so long… But my entire family has been infected by BABY SUPER VIRUSES… so more important things had to take priority.

Back to this place…

I'm sure the person who set this up, choose the name to make people do a double take…

But anyway, this hotdog place has opened in the area in place of Meii sushi.

The place isn't really direct competition for the other hotdog joint in the area- Purple Mustard

This place is distinguishes itself as a beer and hotdog place.

The hotdogs aren't bad but I like Purple Mustard better for hotdogs alone.

I choose the hotdog with cheese, onions and bacon.

As you can see from the picture, the bacon isn't crispy enough. But it's not a bad hotdog and the combi comes with lemonade.

Address: Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza 01-108
Opening Hours:
Mon:12:00 pm-11:30 pm
Fri:12:00 pm-11:30 pm
Sat:3:00 pm-12:00 am
Contact Number: 97650110

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